Daily Archives: June 2, 2010


Zoom H1 Makes High Quality Recording Portable


Sure, there’s plenty of handheld portable audio recorders out there, but to say that their quality is a little lacking is an understatement. (Fun fact: the “professional” audio recorder the bozos on Ghost Adventures use is the same crappy one I got from Radio Shack for $25 bucks.) To fix...


RC Plane Camera Lets You Spy On Your Neighbors


This is definitely a cool way to spend a lazy afternoon. The RC Plane Camera is a spycam that goes up in the sky to record video. The camera records 640 x 480 videos at 25 frames per second, stored on internal 2GB memory with 1.5 hours of video on...


HP’s ZR30w Gets Fully Detailed, Still Green


Hey, remember that HP ZR30w monitor we talked about recently? Oh, it was just yesterday? Well, in a bid to stay ahead of the game, we hit that news before we could get an official PR with all the specs — and boy, is this thing pretty in almost every...


Sonos S5 Wireless Speaker Now Available In Black (video)


Thanks to Sonos, we’ve got news today that their popular S5 Wireless Speaker system is now available in black. The acclaimed all-in-one system packs five digital speakers and five amplifiers into a small frame. It can be controlled via the Sonos Controller, iPhone, or iPod Touch via a free app.  And,...


BlackBerry Bold 9650 Hits Stores Tomorrow


Verizon has just announced that the hotly anticipated BlackBerry Bold 9650 is landing online tomorrow and in stores on the 10th. The phone is truly an international beast —  the first of its kind with GlobalAccess Connect tethering, which will get you decent data rates all around and the world,...