Daily Archives: June 1, 2010


LG UX10 Brings Windows 7 To Tablets


What with all this controversy lately over Window’s viability as a tablet OS, thanks to the HP Slate, it’s interesting to see LG’s UX10, the company’s upcoming Windows-based tablet. Engadget luckily got some hands-on time with the device at Computex, and got some specs to boot. The UX10 features a 10.1-inch...


LG Town GT350 Puts A Community In Your Phone


LG announced today the debut of their LG Town GT350, a phone with a focus on social networking. Featuring a 3-inch WQVA touchscreen and a full QWERTY keypad, it’s the first phone in LG’s new Town Series, all of which focus on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter by using...


HP’s ZR30w LCD Monitor Is Environmentally Sound


At first glance, HP’s new ZR30w 30-inch LCD screen looks nice, but not incredibly impressive, like a million other LCD monitors before it. But there are some specs going on here that are pretty impressive if you’re environmentally conscious. It’s got a low power consumption, and its aluminum-clad chassis is...


Hitachi Announces World’s Fastest 7mm HDDs


If we’ve learned anything about fancy cars, it’s that things that are sleek and fast are cool. So Hitachi’s new 2.5-inch Z-Series falls right in line, boasting a height of only 7mm and speeds of 7200rpm. The drives will be coming in 160GB, 250GB and 320GB sizes. They’ll allow companies...


Samsung’s New Hi-Res Display Is USB Powered


If you’re like me, you’re always up for more real estate for your screen. I have a 13-inch notebook, which doesn’t give me a ton to work with, so I connect it to a 19-inch monitor. But I’m always looking for more. This is where Samsung’s new LCD USB powered...


Qualcomm’s 1.2GHz Dual-Core ‘Snapdragon’ Mobile CPUs Available Now


Now, we know that CPUs might not be the most exciting thing to some people, but Qualcomm’s newly released ‘Snapdragon’ CPU is pretty darn impressive, thanks to its dual-cores. This is the third generation of the Snapdragon line, with the model specifications of  MSM8260 and MSM8660, specifically. We’ve already seen...