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Facebook iOS 4

Facebook iPhone App Updated For iOS 4


The new iPhone, the iPhone 4 boasts a higher resolution screen than the previous iterations of the device.  As a result app developers have to update their app if they wanna make it look all spiffy.  So today Facebook updated their app to 3.1.4, which also includes Korean and Russian...


Microsoft’s Kin Discontinued


It was just weeks ago that Microsoft launched the Kin devices and sadly they’ve already killed the product line.  At least that is according to a source close with the project.  If the tail is true the Kin team will be merged with the Windows 7 Mobile team.  Apparently, Microsoft...


ASUS Eee PC 1215N Packs Some Nice Netbook Specs


Netbooks are known for affordability, not for being particularly powerful. Which makes the ASUS Eee PC 1215N a pleasant surprise. Its packing a 12-inch 1,366 x 768 pixel display, NVIDIA ION discrete graphics, an Intel Atom D525 dual core CPU, WiFi, Bluetooth, either a 250GB or 320GB HDD. It’ll easily play...

SaddleBack medium Satchel 002

Saddleback Leather Co. Medium Satchel Review


Saddleback Leather Company’s Medium sized Satchel is a nice choice for a durable bag that’s just big enough for carrying around the essentials of day to day iPad use. I’m a gadget geek. Which, by default, makes me a bag geek. After all, what kind of masochistic gadget fiend would...


Cisco’s Cius Tablet Is For Business Professionals


Well, here’s an interesting strategy — Cisco’s coming out with a seven-inch Android tablet, but they’re not trying to compete with the iPad with it. No, the Cius is business-oriented, and its biggest draw is 30fps, 720p video conferencing with a front facing camera in addition to a back facing...


The Redesigned Optimus Popularis Keyboard Is Unveiled


The Optimus Popularis keyboard is definitely the cream of the crop of keyboards — in fact, calling it a keyboard sorta cheapens the thing. It’s a super keyboard in every sense of the word. Its packing a dedicated display bar that updates with real time widget information like e-mails, stocks, and...

PowerEZ Plus

Konnet PowerEZ Plus: iPhone Battery With Kick Stand


We’ve seen more than our fair share of iPhone batteries.  KONNET’s PowerEZ Plus not only includes 1000mAh of juice, but has a built-in kickstand for movie watching.  A bit novel, but we’re digging it and at just $30 it seems reasonably affordable compared to the rest of the batteries out...