WOW ipad

WOW, as in World Of WarCraft, fans may not have to wait too much longer to play a full blown version of the game on their iPads.  Unlike a traditional gaming experience, which usually requires software to be installed or played from a disc, gamers will open an application that accesses Gaikai’s servers, who hosts the game in real time and essentially streams it to the handheld, touchscreen device.

Gakai is a “cloud-based browser-binded streaming service”, which is attempting to move gamers away from a software install and play the game in the cloud.  This means that hardware requirements to play future games should be a non-issue, that is assuming they’ve got a decent Internet connection and a reasonably recent piece of hardware.

Video after the ‘leap’

Currently, WOW on the iPad is in the prototype stage and was built using, yup, Steve Job’s fave, HTML5.


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