Oyster 2

Harnessing the ocean’s kinetic energy is not a new concept.  In fact, one of the first to do it was the Pelamis Wave Power Device, which may or may not have sunk with the imploding economy.  Today, Aquamarine Power announced plans for their Oyster 2 power generating wave device.  The machine sits on the ocean floor about a half a mile out and much like a flower in the wind, or oyster in the sea, the current causes the machine’s hydraulic flap to wave back and forth.  A set of hydraulic pistons capture the energy and transfer it to an on shore power plant.  This is the second iteration of the power generating machine, which generates 250% more electricity than its predecessor and contains less moving parts.

Aquamarine says that a small farm of Oyster machines could power as many as 12,000 homes.  Trials of the machine will start in 2011 at the European Marine Energy Centre in Scotland.


Christen Costa

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