Those enjoying the “Deniable Ops” mode within Splinter Cell Conviction will be excited to learn about the “Insurgency Pack” DLC arriving on Xbox 360 on May 27th.  The content will include 4 new maps used in the mode and will cost $10.  Given the fact that each Deniable Map has up to 5 zones each, this could actually be worth the asking price.

The new maps include:  Docks in San Francisco, a cemetery in New Orleans, a prison in Portland, and a hidden research complex in Salt Lake City.  No word on PS3 release and Ubisoft had previously boasted weekly free DLC for SCC, but we’ve yet to really experience the full brunt of the promotion.

Enjoy the new maps come May 27th, and there will also an added 250 achievement points thrown in for good measure.


Jeff B