Printable Solar Cells

How would you like to score some of those tax credits associated with the installation of solar panels on your home? I know I would. While I don’t think MIT’s printable solar cells will qualify any time soon, the convenience and accessibility should out weigh any monetary breaks from the government.

Researchers say the solar panels can be printed out using a similar process to that of an inkjet printer. The semiconductor-coated paper features carbon-based dyes, which provide it with its solar capabilities, though the cell’s efficiency is just 1.5% to 2%. But the key to their success is the low cost and using them in mass quantity.

Right now the tech is years away from commercialization and still in the research phase. But hey, this could not only cut carbon emissions in the Western part of the world, but help those in less affluent areas to be self sufficient.

[via Inhabitat]


Christen Costa

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