Powerv Duo

While it’s hardly innovation – more like iteration – Konnet‘s latest Wiimote inductive chargin dock, the PowerV Duo, includes wireless charging for up to two Wiimotes and two USB ports for charging compatible handheld devices, such as the Nintendo DS Lite or the iPhone.  Aside from that it uses the same technology, smart charging and LED lights as found in their PowerV QUAD charging dock.

Expect it to cost $35.

Toronto, Canada – May 25, 2010 – Konnet Technology, leading manufacturer of mobile entertainment and gaming accessories, is thrilled to announce the PowerV Duo, a sophisticated induction charger for two Wii controllers and two USB devices.  Sleek and sturdy, the PowerV Duo is the only wireless comprehensive charging solution for consumers that own a Nintendo Wii system and USB-powered products, such as Nintendo’s DS Lite/DSi/DSi LL or Apple’s iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Similar to the PowerV Quad from Konnet, the PowerV Duo features advanced wireless induction, which allows for a hassle-free charging process.  Simply rest the Wiimote on the PowerV (with or without removing Motion Plus and silicone casing) and it will charge instantly via the supplied Konnet rechargeable battery packs.  Once the Wiimote is placed, the Duo will recognize its battery strength and reflect charging status through a red or blue LED light: red LED means the controllers are charging, blue LED means the controllers are fully charged.

Dedicated to incorporating environmentally friendly features into its products, Konnet made it impossible for the PowerV Duo to waste excess power on overcharging.  Once the Wiimote is fully juiced, the dock will stop charging.  Likewise, its “Off/On” button enables it to be more energy efficient when not in use.

“The versatile functionality and stylish design of the PowerV Duo is what Konnet is all about,” says Christine Custodio, VP of Marketing for Konnet Technologies.  “It is a necessary accessory for any multi-device modern household.”

Retailing at $34.99 US and $39.99 CDN, the PowerV Duo is bundled with a USB to DS Lite/DSi/DSi LL cable, an AC Adapter, and two Ni-MH 800mAh battery packs. It will also be available in black. Additional battery packs are available on Amazon.com for $19.99 ($24.99 CAN).  For more information, please visit www.konnetonline.com.

About KONNET Technology:

KONNET vision is to stimulate the true quality and performance of A/V products to customers worldwide in the new generation of digital entertainment through different forms of innovations.  Inspiring quality through innovation, KONNET specializes in the manufacturing of mobile entertainment and gaming accessories.  For additional details, visit KONNET’s website, www.konnetonline.com.

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