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Maxell ErgoMotion Mouse

Maxell ErgoMotion Mouse Is Really Just A Joystick


UPDATED.  If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it. Apparently, Maxell never got wind of this saying and has decided to fix, or should I say has attempted to fix the computer mouse. The ErgoMotion Mouse forgoes the standard laser or optical tracking sensor, and instead replaces it with...

Uzi Pen

Uzi Tactical Pen Will Blast Enemies In The Jugular


As the saying goes, ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’.  The Uzi Tactical Pen looks like your everyday, garden variety writing utensil, right?  Wrong.  The crown of the pen is ultra sharp and can be jammed into an assailant’s body part to not only ward off an attack, but...

White 4G iPhone

White 4G iPhone Leaked…Maybe


We’ve sort of been avoiding the iPhone rumors in recent since there seems to be a flood of them.  The latest one to emerge is the supposed existence of a white 4G iPhone.  Pictures of a white face plate were popping up all over the webosphere last week, but until...

Solar Lighted Tiles

LED Solar Lighted Tiles


Oh the burden of a large yard. Yup, it’s a pretty painful thing. Heck, if you’re not too careful you might get lost out there one drunken night or at the very least lose your sense of direction. To keep you on the straight and narrow is the Solar Lighted...

Golf Bag Alarm System

Golf Bag Alarm System


I don’t know what it is, but golfers are of the trusting type when it comes to their golf clubs.  How so?  Enter any one of the clubs stores or restaurants and most if not all will leave their clubs unlocked and unattended outside. The Golf Bag Alarm System is...


DARPA’s LittleDog Robot Will Haunt Your Dreams (video)


Don’t watch this video before you go to bed — LittleDog is a DARPA project centered on building a robot that can traverse rough terrain, bringing supplies to soldiers and doing other dangerous things. DARPA’s created a video to show off the LittleDog’s latest updates, including spanning chasms the length...


Elgato EyeTV HD DVR Brings Live HD Content To Macs


Elgato’s EyeTV HD DVR seems like the perfect device for those wanting to watch, capture, and stream HD content on their Apple devices. It connects to your Mac via USB and receives either HD or SD content from your cable or satellite provider via component, s-video, or composite inputs. You...


ASUS Pre-Loading Notebooks With Kindle Software


Amazon and ASUS have teamed up today with news that certain ASUS notebooks and netbooks will come with the Kindle application pre-installed, including the Eee PC. Currently, there are 540,000 books offered in the Kindle store, and users can start a book on their ASUS netbook and continue where they...


The Amazon Kindle 2.5 Update Is Now Available


Engadget is reporting that the Kindle’s latest update, version 2.5, is now rolling out to users. The 2.5 update brings with it a slew of new features, including organization of books and docs into “collections,” password protection, PDF zooming, larger font options, and sharing blocks of text from your books...


Sony Collaborates With Billabong On Rad VAIO W Special Edition


Certainly the most colorful notebook to come out as a late, this VAIO W is a special collaboration between Sony Australia and Surfwear company Billabong. As you can see, the special lid design is pretty unique, a splash of green, black, and blue — they call it “Imperial Lime.” The...