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Pandigital’s Novel E-Reader Has B&N Store Support


Pandigital has announced their Novel e-reader, which is a novel offering from a company mainly focused on digital picture frames. (What a pun!) The 7-inch Android powered e-reader features a 800×600 resolution full color display, WiFi, 1GB internal memory, an SD/MMC card slot, and support for the ePub, PDF, and...

Android iPhone

Android iPhone Now Available


Are you still trying to decide between an Android handset and the iPhone?  Well, don’t.  The iPhone is clearly the winner.  Why?  Because you can now install Android on the handset.  Okay, so it’s total gimmick right now since the battery life is good for about an hour, media syncing...

Ferris Wheel Storage System

Ferris Wheel Storage System


Safety hazards aside, the Ferris Wheel Storage system for a kids room is one excellent way to get your child to put his crap away.  Safety you ask?  Check out those bins.  They’re about the right size for a small sibling to fit in.  Kate Dixon designed the storage system...

Radio Ball Concept

Radio Ball Concept (video)


Before we know it standalone radios will be a thing of the past.  Already gone are the days of tactile tuning knobs, which have been replaced by their digital counterparts.  Design group Teague’s Radio Ball concept brings a new interactive element to radio tuning.  Rolling the ball around, kind of...

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Google Celebrates Pac-Man’s 30th Anniversary With Style


Namco’s gaming classic Pac-Man turns 30 on May 22nd, and gamers and techies alike are celebrating in style. Next to Mario, Pac-Man is one of gaming’s most recognizable characters. Google’s homepage features the Google logo as a fully working Pac-Man game. How awesome is that?...

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R.I.P. “I’m A Mac/I’m A PC” Ads


MacRumors is reporting that Apple has officially stopped the ‘I’m A Mac’ advertising campaign. All ‘I’m A Mac’ videos have been pulled from the site. The ads, featuring Justin Long and John Hodgman, started in 2006 and were the creation of advertising agency TBWA. Apple’s new campaign is dubbed ‘Why...


HP Slate Still Being Released This Year, But With What OS?


With HP’s recent acquisition of Palm, rumors began flying that the HP Slate, the company’s anticipated tablet, was being delayed and retooled to run on webOS instead of Windows 7. This rumor was fueled by reports that Windows 7 was not fit for a tablet. (Battery life was unacceptable, primarily.)...


EcoFad Laptop Desk Is Made Out Of Bamboo


Personally, I’m a big fan of both wooden and minimal design.  So I was excited when I saw EcoFad, a laptop desk built in Korea that’s constructed entirely out of bamboo. The desk even slides out so you have an area to place your mouse. Kinda an unfortunate name, though.Is...


“Green Samba” Watercraft Is Electric Powered


Jet Skis are awesome. Fuel-less ones are even cooler. The “Green Samba” is a personal watercraft powered by electric propulsion, thanks to anoiseless twin direct drive pods. Created by the Silveria Group, it reaches top speeds of 65 MPH with zero-emissions. Battery life from the rechargeable batteries wasn’t disclosed, though....