Kolelinio-Transit System

Cars have long been an antiquated mode of transportation thanks to their fossil fuel burning engines.  Now are streets our clogged with them and our skies are saturated with pollutants.

Kolelinio-Transit System Sketch

Enter the Kolelinio fly by wire system.  It calls for a rather unsightly set of wires to be strewn about the city.  Users wear a battery operated backpack that contains a light weight engine.  Much like a zip line, city dwellers would hardness into the system and be carried to their next destination, changing direction at intersections, where they would unhook and rehook.  So, instead of a car, insurance costs, pollutants, fuel costs and parking tickets, and not to mention traffic jams, people could travel fast, light and effeciently.  Too bad it’s just a concept.

[via Inhabitat]


Christen Costa

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