In2Pay iphone case

Visa, the titan of credit cards, announced the In2Pay case for the iPhone today.  It’s essentially enables your iPhone to perform a contactless payment using NFC technology.  The case contains a microSD card that is embedded with a near field communication chip.  Once your details are registered with the corresponding app all you have to do is swipe your phone (with case) by the pay terminal and the transaction will be completed.

Sounds cool, right?  The only problem is that the necessary terminals are few and far between, but since the system is being rolled out by Visa and the case is built for the massively popular iPhone, there is a possibility that this form of payment will soon take off.  But if Visa really wants the system to take off, they’ll need Apple to build NFC into their future devices or produces a SIM card that contains the technology.


Christen Costa

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