Facade Printer

Finally, there’s more uses for paintballs than pegging your little brother when he isn’t looking. Three German inventors have designed the Facadeprinter, which they coined a “large-scale communication tool.” Here’s how it works: Users attach their project’s file via USB input and control the operation via touchscreen. A modified paintball marker housed on a two-axis turntable works in tandem with a can of compressed air and a container for the paintball pellets, translating the instructions into the large-scale images.

Facade Printer Work

The device has practical uses beyond art — the inventors envision it being used during emergency situations, creating large signs showing that fresh water and medical help are nearby. The Facadeprinter is currently unavailable for purchase, but if you to go their website, users can request one. If there’s enough responses, they might produce them. That’s supply and demand at its finest, people.


Chris Gullo