Cerevo CAM

Why you’d want a 3G device that can’t make phone calls but can stream video is beyond any Westerner consumer’s rationale, and hence why Cerevo’s CAM Live will be released in Japan only.

At the core of the device is a 9 megapixel camera that can capture still photos and 720p video, in addition to streaming 352x288p video to Ustream’s website.  The form factor reminds us of a portable gaming system, which includes a 2.7-inch LCD display, some sort of d-pad, a microSD card slot and USB port for transferring files to your ‘puter.

Those sporting the older Cerevo CAM can expect a firmware update that will provide the Live feature.  Expect it to cost 20,000 yen ($225), but don’t expect it to hit the US any time soon.

[via Akibahara]


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