Man this thing looks hectic.  The Alligator Lopper has a 4.5 amp electric motor and the two handed pair of jaws ensures that you can effectively saw down tree branches with the ease of a serial killer dismembering their victims.  Hopefully the vibrations won’t give you a jackhammer style of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Priced at $80, this seems like a great product for the lawn care enthusiast or anyone who likes to dismantle things.  What indie horror movie is going to use this thing to cause mass chaos and blood soaked carnage?

  • Innovative Clamping Jaws Grab and Cut in One Easy Motion
  • Patented Scissor Action Makes Cutting Branches Effortless
  • 4.5 Amp Motor for Powerful Fast Cutting
  • Heavy Duty Cutting Bar and Chain Deliver Fast Cutting of Thick Branches and Logs
  • 4″ cut capacity for cutting heavy branches too big for manual pruners and loppers

[via OhGizmo]


Jeff B