Alan Wake

Actually, Wake N’ Bake is a great name for a stoner schooner really.  While the game is finally ready to reach gamers early next week, Remedy Entertainment has announced that they already have the material for a sequel to Alan Wake.  Having just read the IGN review for Alan Wake, they said that the ending was the weakest part of the game.  Hmmph.

Just to surmise, what exactly is up Remedy’s sleeve?  Get Lost on they asses and screw with the audience by way of cutting out the original ending so it was easier to have a sequel?  I honestly can’t make such claims but as I haven’t played the game yet.

The game is being treated like a TV series so maybe the devs are taking some notes from JJ Abrams and crew?  Bear in mind that TV series don’t take 5 years between episodes.



Jeff B