Tmobile 3G iPad

The 3G iPad officially shipped just before the weekend.  And for those of you that got one you can opt for one of two AT&T wireless plans with only a month-to-month commitment.  Not bad when you consider the shackles you’ll be placed in when buying an iPhone.

But it turns out that you can also use the device on T-Mobile’s network.  Sure, Apple opted for a microSIM card slot, which should have served as a deterrent for popping in another carriers’ SIM card.  Wrong.  As Muscle Nerd shows us, the same guy that has been hacking the iPhone for some time now, you can just trim your T-Mobile SIM card with a pair of everyday household scissors to fit the 3G iPad’s SIM card slot.  Best of all there is no software hacking needed, which means that the 3G iPad is factory unlocked and can work with any compatible carrier.


Christen Costa

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