Daily Archives: May 31, 2010


Waterwear Lets You Bring Your iPad Into The Bubble Bath


Want to bring your iPad poolside this summer, but afraid of any unfortunate accidents? The Waterwear may seem like a simple yet effective solution. Japanese company TuneWear invented the device — its plastic housing keeps the iPad completely waterproof, and more importantly, allows the use of the capacitive touchscreen through...


Monster’s Diddybeats Headphones Hit Stores Gangster Style


Sean “Diddy” Combs entered the headphone world this week with the release of his Diddybeats, from Monster. Diddybeats are in-ear headphones that promise the same sort of audio quality as Dre Beats, since their under his line, with “deep bass tones” and “high frequency production.” I haven’t used them personally,...


USB Vacuum Tube Amp Speaker


As audiophiles are well aware, tube amps, whether in guitar amps or in speakers, provide a much warmer, fuller sound than those that are digitally processed. So this USB Vacuum Tube Amp Speaker definitely caught my eye. No, this thing isn’t a real tube amp — that would cost hundreds,...


Rumor: Amazon’s Next Kindle To Feature WiFi, Somehow Be Even Slimmer


Here’s some interesting information on what is probably the next iteration of Amazon’s Kindle. A recent Bloomberg.com article put some specifics to the rumors: While the device won’t be getting a color screen (or touchscreen for that matter), it will have a sharper resolution and a slimmer profile (I’m curious...


ASUS ROG G53 Brings 3D Gaming To Notebooks


Yes, there’s a lot of ASUS news today, but that’s when happens when a company unloads a dumptruck of new wares at a trade show. This is the ROG G53, a 3D gaming notebook that looks pretty darn impressive. Specs include an 15.6-inch 120 Hz stereoscopic 3D LED display (using shutter...


Apple Sells 2 Million iPads


Apple has just announced that they’ve sold two million iPads in less than sixty days since its April 3rd US debut. They probably brought themselves over the mark with last week’s international launch, which included countries France, Italy, and Japan. The iPad will be available in nine more countries this...


ASUS Eee Tablet Brings Notepads Back In Style


While the ASUS Eee Pad is situating itself as an iPad competitor, its cousin the Eee Tablet isn’t exactly an e-reader competitor to the Kindle. ASUS is doing something different here, offering a monochrome, 8-inch 1024 x 768 resolution touchscreen display that’s not e-ink and a stylus intended for note taking with...


ASUS Eee Pad Makes Its Debut


ASUS announced an onslaught of new products at the Computex show, and their Eee Pad tablet is one of the most exciting. Coming in ten and twelve screen sizes, the Eee Pad runs on Windows 7 and features support for stylus handwriting on its touchscreen. There will be a frontfacing...