Daily Archives: May 27, 2010

Cheap iPhone Wireless Lighting Solution

iPhone Lighting Control For Under $100


HVAC systems never come cheap and usually require an extensive installation process.  But if you’re anything like me – I just wanna control my lights with my iPhone – than there seems to be no cheaper answer than X10. The setup is semi-simple (their site is a mess).  You buy...


Gadget Rumor: Project Natal Price And Launch Date


If you’re like us then you’re sick of hearing about Microsoft’s Project Natal rumored launch dates and price.  Us, being none the wiser though, have decided to post yet another rumor surrounding the motion sensing video game add-on. According to an Edge trusted source, the Natal – an official name...


Back To The Future II Hoverboard Comes To Life (video)


The best part about Back to the Future II was the Hoverboard.  While totally viable from a technological standpoint no one had bothered to produce an actual prototype, until now. French designer Nils Guadagnin version looks to be to spec of the movie version complete with a pink, 80s rad...

Saturator Water Gun

The Saturator Is An Automatic AK47 Water Gun


File this under “Totally awesome.” The Saturator (what an apt name) is a fully motorized battery powered water assault weapon. Shooting with one finger at a a rate of four ‘water bullets’ per second, the Saturator can shoot 250 ‘water bullets’ a minute at up to twenty feet away, no...


Buddy Radio Concept Tweets Your Grandmother’s Mood


This is a concept that, while initially odd-sounding, could prove really beneficial. The Buddy Radio is an alarm clock for seniors that, while styled like a million old-fashioned clocks before it, updates family members about the person’s well-being via social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The UK’s Sidekick Studios came...

iPhone 4G

4th Gen iPhone To Go On Sale Early June


News hit today the the next gen iPhone will arrive early June.  So hopefully that means that Jobs will complete his keynote on June 7th and that same Friday (6/11), when the iPhone have typically become available, it will go on sale.  Here’s hoping. Read...

Mili Power Miracle

Mili Adds Power Miracle & Power Crystal Battery Packs


Mili is no stranger to battery packs.  Adding to their already extensive line, they announced the MiLi Power Miracle & Power Crystal power packs.  Both batteries offer 2000 mAh of juice, LED light indicators and includes 6 different adapters.  The difference between the two?  The Crystal has an extended carabiner...

NEC 3D All In One Computer

NEC 3D All-in-one Computer


3D is hitting us from all angles now.  NEC is set to release a 3D enabled all-in-one computer, the VALUESTAR N in Japan as early as next month and will arrive State side by October of this year. For about $2,450 you’ll get a 3D enabled 20-inch 1600×900 screen (glasses...


Ultrasone’s Edition 8 Audiophile Headphones Make Your Wallet Cry


Being an audiophile has to be a frustrating endeavor. When do you stop? When will you get speakers or headphones so that your music will be the most stereophonically pure sound you’ve ever listened to? Well, Ultrasone wants to help with their new Edition 8 Headphones. Technically, they’re stellar, representing...