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LG Fathom Keeps It Business Casual


LG and Verizon teamed up today to announce the LG Fathom. LG is hyping it as being perfect for both work and casual use, with full Windows Mobile Device Center support for all your spreadsheet needs and Adobe Reader preinstalled. In other specs, the Fathom is touting a 3.2-inch display,...

Pocket Aerator For Wine

Pocket Sized Wine Aerator


If you’re wine official you should be de-cantering.  If that’s too much work, then at the very least let it breathe for a few before taking a sip.  But who am I kidding.  We’re a want it now society.  The Pocket Rouge O2 Electronic Wine Breather is a pen sized...

11lb fish eye lens

11lbs Fish Eye Lens


Holy wide angle lens Batman!  The Fisheye-Nikkor lens attaches to what we assume is any SLR camera and provides a 220 degree view of the world, which they say is 40% wider than standard fisheye lenses.  They say it can see behind itself, but some how I doubt that.  Too...


Samsung’s HMX-16 HD Camcorder Has 64GB Of SSD Storage


Samsung’s latest camcorder, the HMX-16, has got some intriguing new tech, mainly a 64GB SSD that promises faster and more secure storage. Other specs include full 1080p recording, s 3.5-inch touchscreen, a 10MP 1/2.33-inch BSI CMOS Sensor,  18x Zoom (15x Optical), and Optical Stabilization. In a cool addition, the camcorder...

Flash Drive Cufflinks

FLash Drive Cufflinks


Father’s Day is just around the corner so there is good reason to splurge on these Flash Drive Cufflinks.  Yes, they cost $195 but each cufflink stores up to 2GB of data and can be engraved to your liking.  I gotta question the added weight to one’s cuffs, but what’s...


These Active Suspension Skis Keep You On The Slopes All Day Long


Coming from Anton Dynamics Inc. via inventor Anton Wilson, these Active Suspension Skis are purportedly capable of a “stress-free sensation of flying” due to a special suspension mechanism close to those found in automobiles. Thanks to these, skiiers will have less fatigue on their body, so they can stay out...


Motorola’s Shadow Is Leaked Out To The World


BoyGeniusReport has got news on the Shadow, Motorola’s anticipated smartphone. An enterprising forum poster allegedly took this candid shot in a gym. (Gym, bar…where will the next phone leak come from, a Denny’s?) The Android-running smartphone features a 4.1-inch WVGA display, 16GB memory (8GB internal + 8GB removable), a purported...

Screen shot 2010-05-26 at 1.03.37 PM

Buffalo’s BR3D-12U3 Blu-Ray Burner Has USB 3.0 Support


Slowly but surely, USB 3.0 is coming to more and more devices and giving us some seriously fast transfer speeds. So it’s nice to see that Buffalo’s latest Blu-ray burner, the BR3D-12U3, features support for USB 3.0 transfers. The BR3D-12U3 offers burn speeds of BD –R LTH discs up to...


Sony’s VAIO P Gets A Crocodile Skin


We brought you news of the Australia-exclusive Billabong VAIO P earlier this week, but Sony’s already got another special edition skin on the way. Exclusive to Japan, this Crocodile skin (imitation, of course) comes on a VAIO P loaded with new features. This VAIO P has all the new specs we’ve...