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Powerv Duo

PowerV Duo Wiimote Charging Dock Now Powers Your iPhone


While it’s hardly innovation – more like iteration – Konnet‘s latest Wiimote inductive chargin dock, the PowerV Duo, includes wireless charging for up to two Wiimotes and two USB ports for charging compatible handheld devices, such as the Nintendo DS Lite or the iPhone.  Aside from that it uses the...


ZyXEL’s X105N Router Is For Our Non Techie Relatives


Grandmas rejoice! ZyXEL has announced the X105N, a full-fledged 802.11n wireless router that the company touts as requiring “virtually no maintenance or support.” After an easy set up requiring ‘no technical background,’ the router offers 150MBps speeds and one button encryption. I, for one, applaud a company that markets a product...


Mini HoverDrone Is A Super Tiny R/C Aircraft (video)


ThinkGeek’s Mini HoverDrone is an awesome flying device, powered by a single propeller, that fits in your hand, and will hopefully convince the neighbors there’s UFOs outside. A Blue LED flashes while it hovers throughout the air through an easily controlled remote. A ten minute charge time gets you five...


Marvel Superheroes Have Their Own HDTVs Now


For the uber geek not afraid to show his love of superheroes, RTC is now offering a whole line of superhero HDTVs. The company is offering sets ranging from 22-inches to 55-inches, (40-inch and 46-inch LEDs seem to be a highlight),  with these characters: Iron Man, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Captain...


Samsung’s G2 Series External HDDs Are Stylish


Here’s something you don’t see every day — external hard drives usually stick to the ever-original “black” or “white” for their color schemes, maybe with a couple other colors thrown in if you’re lucky. Samsung’s G Series does something a little different, bringing a raised touch design in a variety...

Screen shot 2010-05-25 at 11.36.24 AM

The Onkyo E713A9B Is An All-In-One With An iPod Dock


The Onkyo E713A9B is an All-In-One PC with a very interesting addition — an integrated iPod Dock. The computer features a 23-inch, 1080p display that has a slide out dock on its right side. And it’s other specs are decent to boot. They include a 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5-650 CPU,...


LG’s 84-Inch 3D HDTV Has Ultra High Resolution


This week, the Society for Information Display (SID) conference is meeting in Seattle to show off a variety of new TV technology. LG’s at the forefront, revealing a 84-inch 3D set that has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 – that’s four times as many pixels as 1080p. Technically, no...