Daily Archives: May 25, 2010


Soda Can With A Resealable Lid (video)


Isn’t it about time the soda can got an update?  And perhaps this time the update won’t be motivated by safety reasons (remember those swallowable tabs?).  This design uses the standard soda pop-can tabs, but hidden underneath the lid is an additional seal that can be rotated into place just...

Post My Pillow

Post My Pillow: Post-It-Note Meets Pillow


The Post My Pillow is a post-it-note meets pillow.  You can write on the actual pillow and leave notes for your wife, like “don’t forget to get the milk”, or sexy love notes for some added bedroom foreplay.  Yeah, those two examples couldn’t be any more different.  The pillow actually...

Hydraulic Urban Bench

Hidden Hydraulic Urban Bench


We’ve seen a many a design for those who are tight on indoor space, but nothing before for the outdoors.  This table and bench set can be raised or lowered into the ground using a crank which activates the hydraulic lifts, thus creating more play space for the kids or...

Sony HandyCam8

Sony Celebrates Handycam’s 25th Anniversary (video)


If I didn’t already feel old, now I definitely do.  Today, Sony is celebrating the 25th anniversary of their Handycam camcorder.  It was the first Video8 camcorder, which replaced the failed Betamax format and was, and still is a great catch all name for the palm sized device. The Video8...


Concrete USB Drive Brings Some Physicality To Bytes


Sure, we all know a gigabyte is a lot of storage, especially looking back to what we used to have. Since it’s all digital data, though, it’s still a pretty intangible thing to conceptualize. Well, here’s something a little more concrete (pun totally intended). This concrete USB drive weights as...


The Samsung Rugby II Takes A Beating And Likes It


Constructed of military grade design, Samsung’s Rugby II is a push to talk device built to withstand some rugged conditions. Those include “dust, shock, vibration, rain, humidity, solar radiation, altitude and temperature extremes.” Hardcore. Featuring a grey clamshell design, specs include HPSA 7.2MBps speeds, GPS, an external speaker for greater...

Munkey iPhone Stand

The Munkey iPhone Stand


The Munkey is a stand designed to support not only the iPhone, but the DROID, Incredible, Hero, Imagio and Blackberry Storm.  But who are we kidding, they’re really targeting the iPhone market.  The stand itself is made from a single piece of metal and can either attach to the back...

USC_r630_Blue_qwertyfront copy

Samsung’s Messager Touch Hits Stores In Vibrant Blue


Samsung’s PR hit us today with news of the availability of their Messager Touch via U.S. Cellular. Other than a head scratching naming choice, specs for the phone include a 2.6-inch touchscreen display, full slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 2MP camera, microSD slot, Bluetooth, and voice recognition. The OS appears to be...