Daily Archives: May 19, 2010

Lacie Network Space MAX

Lacie Network Space MAX NAS


Phew! I was starting to worry that Lacie had forgot to issue yet another updated, slightly modified version of the Lacinema Series Hard Drives.  Actually, this one isn’t officially part of that line but it sports the same styling, which includes a shiny black finish and blue glowing LED light. ...

Radio Front

Moshi’s New Voice Controlled Alarm Clock Radio


Moshi has just announced their newest iteration of their Voice Activated Alarm Clock, which now offers a more streamlined bedside digital clock radio.  With all the features of the original including setting time and asking for the time, it now includes a radio that can be activated just by speaking...

Wii Rowing

Wii Rowing Accessory (Video)


Perhaps one of the more useful Wii Accessories to come out as of late is this new Wii Rowing Machine.  Capable of working with Wii Sports And Wii Fit, there is no actual resistance besides your arms.  Keeping your feet in a secure position, your movements will directly correlate with...


Mitsubishi Unveils Huge Elevators With 80-Person Capacity


Mitsubishi has just announced the installation of elevators with eighty person capacity within an office building in Osaka, Japan. The elevators each measure 11.2 x 9.2 feet and are 8.5 feet high, with a weight limit of 5,250 pounds. Glass windows allow riders to look outside and get nauseous from...


Kindle App For Android Announced


Amazon expanded their Kindle reach today with the announcement of an app for the Android OS. All Android devices will support the app, which lets them purchase and view the 540,000 books currently in the Kindle store. The app utilizes the multittouch capabilities of Android phones for flicking or scrolling...


Domyos Interactive Punching Bag (video)


A giant swing pendulum, as in a 100lb boxing bag, is totally impractical when it comes to most people’s home, unless of course you live on 7 acres of land and have 10 bedrooms in addition to a workout gym. The Domyos Decalthon Interactive punching bag mounts directly on the...

Verizon iPhone

Verizon iPhone Rumor Backed By VoRA Testing


There is no way to back this up, or validate this rumor in any capacity, but news hit today that when and if the Verizon iPhone launches it will use VoRA (Voice over Rev A.) as opposed to their newly minted LTE system.  This basically means that voice and data...


Working LEGO Arcade Cabinet Is Super Retro, Super Awesome (video)


LEGOs and videogames — like many others, they were two essential parts of my childhood. So it’s awesome that a custom modder has created a full-size working arcade cabinet out of LEGOs. 48 games are included in the 34 foot tall cabinet, including (obviously) Pac-Man. And, according to its creator,...

Cirque De Soleil Natal-1

Project Natal Joins Forces With Cirque De Soleil


I just received an email from Microsoft inviting me to a Natal unveiling on June 14th.  This is a day after the official press unveiling, but what is interesting is that this event includes some sort of show in partnership with Cirque De Soleil.  Keep in mind that I was...