Daily Archives: May 18, 2010


Apple Upgrades Unibody MacBook With Faster CPU & GPU


Confirming rumors, Apple announced today that they’ve updated the white unibody MacBook. The CPU remains the same, a Core 2 Duo, but now starts out at 2.4 GHz from the previous 2.26Ghz. Also the same is a 250GB HDD, the glass multi-touch trackpad, and an 8X SuperDrive. But you don’t...

In2Pay iphone case

In2Pay: iPhone Contactless Payment Solution From Visa (video)


Visa, the titan of credit cards, announced the In2Pay case for the iPhone today.  It’s essentially enables your iPhone to perform a contactless payment using NFC technology.  The case contains a microSD card that is embedded with a near field communication chip.  Once your details are registered with the corresponding...


Joker Decal For iPad Showcases Your Villainous Side


With April’s release of the iPad came the inevitable onslaught of  accessorizing. Nothing’s really caught my eye yet…until now. This is a peel and stick Joker decal, the coolest way to customize your iPad ever. As you can see from the picture, the glossy decal attaches to the iPad and...