Daily Archives: May 18, 2010


ViewSonic’s VOT125 PC Mini


Boasting 90% less materials than your average desktop PC or NetTop, the VOT125 PC Mini from Viewsonic could be exactly what you hook up to your HDTV because of its slim and compact size.  Also using much less energy than what you’d expect from a PC of this small staure,...


Gears Of War 2 Multi-Player Overhaul Update


Those of you still playing Gears 2 online will be happy to know that Rod Fergusson of Epic Games has just announced a giant patch coming for the successful franchise.  The patch or Title Update 6 will debut an all new matchmaking option entitled Social Xbox Live.  Effectively letting you...


‘Magic Swim’ Keeps The Sea Animals At Bay


Don’t you hate when you’re out on your private yacht, going for a swim, when those pesky sea creatures start bothering you? Me too! Well, good thing there’s Euroship’s ‘Magic Swim.’ It attaches to your private boat and floats behind it, since its constructed of PVC material that weights between...


Kisai Round Trip Pocket Watch Is Perfect For Hypnotizing Bar Skank


The Kisai Round Trip Pocket Watch from TokyoFlash is a very future forward LED timepiece that will easily let you tell some far fetched story about yourself at this year’s ComiCon.  Featuring water resistant casing, USB charging, and LED animations that display the current time, I can imagine this watch...


ASUS Eee PC 1215 Brings USB 3.0 To Netbooks


ASUS’s new Eee PC 1215 offers a lot for a netbook. It features a 12-inch LED screen with 1366×768 resolution, Intel Atom D510 dual-core CPU, and the brand new NVIDIA Ion GPU with Optimus technology. Optimus, if you’re unaware, allows the automatic switching of the netbook’s two GPUs (an Intel...


Sony Gets All Clark Griswald With Its New Retro CFD-A110


Like those wood paneled Plymouth Cruisers vying for that slice of nostalgia within the minds of the many, Sony of Japan is happy to announce their retro CFD-A110.  What would undoubtedly make a great bathroom stereo, the CFD-A110 also let’s you jam some karaoke and even listen to the audio...

The Onion Reports On Google’s Targeted Ad Phone Calls (video)


[GR]_m38CJeGUno[/GR] The Onion’s news service has a new report today on Google’s latest revenue stream: targeted ads during phone calls. Google will pick up on whatever you’re talking about on the phone, then play back ads to you during the conversation. They’ve even integrated the technology into their Maps app....


Stauer 1930 Dashtronic Watch


What a cool looking watch!  With a design aesthetic straight out the 1930’s, the Stauer Dashtronic Watch will help you steal all of Howard Hughes’ ladies in a snap.  Housed in stainless steel with a black alligator-embossed leather band, this watch has grandpa written all over it.  Available in gold...


Tranquil’s T7-MP2 & ixVL Are Powerful HTPCs


Tranquil, a UK based PC manufacturer (how novel!) has announced via their blog two new HPTCs. The T7-MP2 runs on an Atom CPU and NVIDIA’s Ion GPU for smooth HD playback, with HDMI output for connecting it to your big fancy HDTV. It supports up to 1TB storage, as well....

iPhone Vending Machine Sells Sodas By The App (video)


[GR]ba27y4_NDo4[/GR] Old vending machines are so freaking cool.  Ice-T loves them when his friends come over to hang out – he got fed up paying for their grub.  We love them because we like to see precocious kids get their arms stuck inside them.  But unfortunately neither are possible with...