Daily Archives: May 17, 2010

natal price

Swedish Retailer Prices Natal At $200


The jury is still out on Microsoft’s Natal.  They’ll show the device off next month at E3.  There we should hopefully get a hands on with the motion sensing video game device and get a better gauge on how much it will cost.  But until that time arrives will have...

imac iphone stand

iMac iPhone Dock


The iMac has seen at least three different designs in the last 10 years, but the one that I hold close to my heart had the articulating swing arm built-in.  This iPhone/iPod speaker replaces the monitor for a 30-pin dock and takes the unorthodox approach of using whatever surface you...

Light switch Timer

Robotic Light Switch Timer


Automatically turning off light switches is cool, messing with hi voltage electricity is not.  Okay, so your house probably doesn’t have a third rail running through it, but I wouldn’t dare start screwing with my home’s electrical wiring for fear of electrocution.  The Light Switch Timer mounts over any standard...


Kapten Talking Pocket GPS From Kapsys


The cringe of crap gadgets overwhelms me sometimes.  The Kapten Talking Pocket GPS is going to be the smallest and most expensive ($475) GPS navigational aides you might never care to notice.  Foregoing an LCD display in favor of a small unit size, the Kapten Talking Pocket GPS leads you...


Wall Grill: Not Endorsed By Paul Wall


Grill design is one of those things that will always moisten the panties of the American male.  So while his wall hanging grill is certainly cool, is it really necessary?  This “step above” DIY project has a generous ash pan that allows for multiple grillings before needing to be emptied...


Twilight Air Purifier Concept That Streams Images And Video


What I consider to be a totally odd product combination, the Twilight Air Purifier concept lets you stream videos and images across its OLED sheet surface.  WTF you ask?  Beyond cooling and circulating air, it is also a media viewer.  The pictures tell a story of a huge sheet hanging...


Assassin’s Creed BrotherHood GameStop Pre-Order Bonus


So is it safe to assume now that Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is in fact, definitely not Assassin’s Creed 3? With news of the Brotherhood iteration arising as of late, I was certainly disappointed in the return to Rome, but that’s only if this is some Ass Creed 2.5 type of...