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Therapy Pet Jacket


Almost to the point of mummification, this Therapy Pet Jacket is a great product for any aging dog that suffers from a myriad of ailments whether it be a mild case of hip dysplasia or a harsh run of the bursitis.  Whatever the injury may be, you can affix hot...


Black & Decker’s Alligator Lopper To Be Featured In Hostel 3


Man this thing looks hectic.  The Alligator Lopper has a 4.5 amp electric motor and the two handed pair of jaws ensures that you can effectively saw down tree branches with the ease of a serial killer dismembering their victims.  Hopefully the vibrations won’t give you a jackhammer style of...

Coffee Loving Umbrella

Coffee Loving Umbrella


Who ever put the cup holder in the car probably burned the sh*t out of their crotch – talk about an ‘ah-huh’ moment.  I’d like to think the same type of inspiration came to Jung-Woo Lee when designing the Coffee Loving Umbrella.  And if you have ever lived any where...

WiFi Sync App

WiFi Sync App Rejected From App Store (video)

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Bad news.  That WiFi Sync app that we told you about last month has been rejected by Apple into the App store.  Okay, so this isn’t a huge surprise but nonetheless a disappointment.  In case you forget – don’t know why you would – the app let you wirelessly sync...


Boeing Unveils Phantom Ray Unmanned Aircraft


Boeing recently unveiled (or disclosed, if you want to put it that way) their latest invention, the Phantom Ray. The Ray is a remote-controlled stealth aircraft that’s got some seriously impressive specs. Intended for “intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance,” the Phantom Ray is 36 feet from wingspan to wingspan, and the...

Wii Vitality Sensor 2

Possible Wii Vitality Sensor Announcement Coming May 17th


It’s been about 9 months since we heard anything about the Wii Vitality Sensor, which as it happens is the incubation period for humans.  Today, word hit that Nintendo has announced a press event with the American Heart Association on May 17th.  The invite doesn’t indicate what the event will...

LG BX580 3d Blu-ray Player

LG’s First 3D Blu-ray Player, The BX580, Coming Soon


3D HDTVs are slowly trickling into stores, and 3D capable Blu-ray players are coming right with them. LG’s first entry into the fold, the BX580, is now available for pre-order at Amazon. According to the site, it’s expected to ship within the next two months. Specs for the device include...

Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Map Pack-3

Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Map Pack Price And Pictures


Word hit yesterday that Activision would deliver the second map pack, Resurgence, for MW2 on June 3rd.  We now know that it will cost $15 (1200 Xbox Live points) and contrary to Fourzerotwo, contain two maps (Vacant and Strike) from the first Modern Warfare.  The three new maps are called...


Lighted Safety Umbrella Keeps You Dry & Well-Lit


Keeping you dry and safe, the Lighted Safety Umbrella (now that’s an appropriate name if there ever was one) features 3M reflective material and a 6 Volt Bulb, casting six inches of light around the holder. Cars and other pedestrians can see you from over a quarter mile away. As...


PS3 Red Dead Redemption Exclusive Content


Throwing PS3 owners a bone, Red Dead Redemption will include two exclusive pieces of content.  The game will pack the Solomon’s Folly Gang Hideout, and the Walton Gang Outfit.  Sweet Home Redemption. I’m not sure if the Solomon’s Folly Gang Hideout is an actual location on the map or what,...


PlayStation Move Arriving in September?


EDGE Online is reporting that the Playstation Move, Sony’s upcoming motion controller, is going to hit stores this September. Gadget Show host Jason Bradbury apparently tweeted the news after having a hands-on demo with the Move. Of course, when reached for comment, Sony responded to the claim with “we will...