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SkyBar Wine Chill Drops


Unless your a lush, you generally tend to enjoy wine at a certain desired temperature.  Sometimes proper chilling isn’t available because you literally bought the bottle and need to get your thirsty on.  What can be available, though, are the SkyBar Wine Chill Drops. Resembling a Sherlock Holmes pipe, these...

toshiba satellite u505 touchscreen

Toshiba Satellite U505 Touchscreen Review – Part 2


I covered the initial impressions in my last review so let’s get right to the 13.3″ touchscreen. It’s a non-glossy matte screen so glare is pretty much not an issue. Fingerprints? Not a problem, unless you’re touching the screen with your grubby little hands after a late night KFC 14-piece...

Hold On Tight Shelf

Sliding Bookend Bookshelf


Shelves aren’t exactly exciting stuff, but the Hold On Tight shelf by Colleen & Eric includes a built-in book end that can be slid to any position and locked into place using an over sized wing-nut screw system.  Their website doesn’t sell them outright but you can contact them for...


Project Runningblade: 100 MPH Lawnmower (video)


Lawn grooming isn’t one of those top of mind conversations, or blog posts for that matter, but in the case of the project Runningblade it’s most certainly worth a look.  If you couldn’t tell it’s suped-up lawn mower that has the potential to hit 100mph.  Potential because that’s a record...


BlackBerry Tablet Details Revealed


BoyRobotReport has received exclusive news about RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry Tablet. The 8.9-inch touchscreen is considered a “companion” to the BlackBerry —  primarily a content viewer, be it e-books, movies, or photos. Users are supposed to tether them to the tablet and share the internet connection, or use the tablet’s built-in...


Android 2.2 To Feature Tethering Support, Mobile Hotspot Feature


TechCrunch has broken news that Android 2.2, codenamed “Froyo,” will feature tethering to laptops to share its internet connection. On that same end, you can set up a mobile hotspot so that others can share your connection. Android 2.2 also features full flash support, though how well mobile devices will...


Gateway NV Has Social Networking At The Push Of A Button


We all love to Facebook & Twitter (those are verbs, if you weren’t aware.) But don’t you wish it could be easier? I mean, you have to open your browser, and click the bookmark (or, god forbid, type it the address) to use them. Well, worry no longer, as Gateway’s...

Hubler Book Table

The Badass HÜBLER Book Table


Forget about book shelves – those are so passe.  The HÜBLER Table’s concrete legs have built-in slots for storing all sorts of slender shaped objects or books, which ever you prefer.  The glass top makes it viewable from all angles.  Too bad there is no interior lighting in between the...