Daily Archives: May 12, 2010


Microsoft Office Now Free…Sort Of


For many Google Docs suffices when it comes to building a spreadsheet or writing a school paper.  Now Microsoft is feeling the pressure.  So much so that they’re offering a free online version of their Office Suite.  It won’t include all the bells and whistles, but enough to edit preexisting...


Hackers Working On iPhone OS 4 For The iPhone 2G?


When Apple unveiled iPhone OS 4  a couple months ago, they didn’t exactly publicize the fact that users with 2G iPhones would not be able to upgrade their OS, due to slower processor speeds. One annoyed user did get a personal reply from Steve Jobs, but it was a curt...


C-3PO Bespin Backpack Features Droid Storage For All Your Gadgets


Now, this isn’t technically a gadget, but the photo they have features an iPad and…well, do I really need an excuse to post this? Officially licensed from Lucasfilm, the C-3PO Bespin Backpack recalls the scene from The Empire Strikes Back where poor Threepio got disassembled by those tiny little Ugnaut...


Intel Unveils New Tablet & Netbook Processor


Yesterday, Intel held its 2010 investor meeting, and they used the opportunity to launch full-scale attacks at the iPad with two new products — a dual-core netbook and tablet concept. Intel VP Mooly Eden touted their tablet concept (nothing officially announced yet) as featuring USB & SATA inputs, allowing printer...

4th iPhone number 3

Another 4th Gen iPhone Leaked? (video)


Has Apple managed to lose yet another 4th gen iPhone?  According to this video the answer is ‘yes’.  Aesthetically it looks to be a match to the one Gizmodo scored last month.  As you’ll notice they don’t boot the phone to a working screen.  Instead an image of a fireball...


EcoPod Foot Powered Trash Compactor


The EcoPod helps you maximize your green thumb by compacting your recycling.  You just place the can, bottle or whatever your fancy into one of the three holes, step down and out the bottom fires a compacted version.  Now that daily trip to the recycling bin will hopefully become weekly...


Fallout: New Vegas Special Collectors Edition Detailed


For some reason I still haven’t finished Fallout 3.  I think part of me just doesn’t want it to end.  With arrival of Fallout: New Vegas looming on the autumn horizon, I’d better get at it.  Recently unveiled is the Fallout: New Vegas Special Collectors Edition and it looks pretty...