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BattleStar Galactica Watches: Sort Of


When blogging, it’s literally impossible to not come across a vast array of weird niche’ watches.  Adding to that list are these Cyclon inspired watch designs from SeaHope of Japan.  I couldn’t ever see myself rocking a watch like this but I’m sure there’s someone out there that thinks this...


Suitcase That Weighs Itself And Your Weed

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Too good for one of those digital luggage scales? We all know that extra fees totally suck, so to help you avoid more stress and anguish at the airport, you can buy this suitcase that weighs itself on the fly (haha!). The LCD displays weight in pounds or kilograms at...


EA Deals Death Blow To Used Gamers


With the closing of Game Crazy, where will most of you buy your used games?  Gamestop, Gamefly, eBay, Craig’s List, or somewhere else?  Starting a trend with VIP codes from Battlefield: Bad Company 2, EA is now burying the hatchet on used games and piracy with their new Online Pass....

See Flash On A Nexus One…Crash (video)


[GR]0y7XJI4NN7k[/GR] The Adobe flash debate wages on.  Is it a practical technology for mobile devices to deliver an immersive experience or just a battery suck that can be replaced by the more efficient and Jobs’ favorite, HTML5? Ryan Stewart, a Flash evangelist, showed off Flash working on the Nexus One...

ipad wifi fix

Apple: iPad WiFi Fix Coming Soon


Got an iPad? Then at sometime or another you’ve probably experienced WiFi connectivity issues. Apple, which up until May 6th, had simply suggested that you reset your iPad’s networking settings and go about your business.  Now it looks like they’ll issue a software update that should (fingers crossed) fix the...

Mobileme free

Gadget Rumor: MobileMe To Be Free


A rumor emerged today that MobileMe will soon go from a $100 year service to a $0 year service; as in free.  Unfortunately, there is no credible source behind the rumor, but when you consider Apple’s iAd service it might make sense. Think about it:  If Apple knows what you’re...