Daily Archives: May 10, 2010


Top-Loading Barbell Concept


Being fat sucks.  Any grossly overweight person can tell you that.  Most people cite time as being the major reason while they can’t make it to the gym.  With this Top-Loading Barbell concept from Sun Ho Sin, getting in an out of the gym could be quicker than ever.  Extra...


Special Edition Beats Solo HD Headphones


Embracing a beautiful aesthetic, the Special Edition Beats Solo HD Headphones from Monster Cable are the newest iteration of high end headphones from the company that sues everybody.  In an apparent change of heart, Monster will now donate $5 for every pair sold to the Global Fund to help eliminate...


The Remember Ring You Idiot!


A wedding ring is kind of like a promise ring right?  Well, the Remember Ring is ‘a promise to remember’ wedding anniversary ring for the memory impaired.  It looks like your typical male wedding band except it heats up to 120 degrees F at 10 second intervals every hour 24...


Amplitude iRig


Man is IK Multimedia bringing the music apps to the iPhone.  Line 6 beat them to the guitar-iPhone interface module but the Amplitude iRig looks to be a bit cooler and effectively it turns your iPhone into a guitar effects processor.  I’m anxious to test one out and see what...


Samsung Seek Is Inexpensive And Eco-Friendly


Samsung today announced a new phone, the Seek, that appears to impressive for a couple reasons: its price, and its environmental awareness. Specs for the phone include a touchscreen display, QWERTY slide-out keyboard, 1.3MP camera, microSD card support, and shortcuts to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It comes...

Misting Fan

Self Sufficient Misting Fan


Climates with an excessive amount of humidity and heat can be unbearable at times, unless of course you have the luxury of a misting system.  This outdoor fan has a built-in reservoir that holds enough water for up to 8 hours continuous misting.  And although you won’t need a garden...