Daily Archives: May 7, 2010

Kobo E-reader

Kobo E-Reader Launches At Borders For $150


Borders bookstore just threw themselves into the e-reader battle and announced that they’ll start taking pre-orders for the Kobo eReader.  The Kobo has a 6-inch e-ink screen that measures just 0.1-inch thin and weighs a half-pound.  For $149 the Kobo will ship to your door on June 17th and will...


Custom Modder’s Black Dwarf Is An Insane 16TB NAS (video)


Here’s human ingenuity in practice: The Black Dwarf is a custom-built NAS (Network Attached Storage) that combines a staggering 16TB of HDD space with a 1.66GHz Atom N270 CPU within an enclosure composed of steel, aluminum and Lexan. Will Urbina invented the device to help with his video editing work,...


Details And Pics Leak For Toshiba’s Record Setting 13-Inch Laptop


Details have leaked from VozExpress about an upcoming Toshiba notebook that’s gunning for the title of “world’s lightest 13-inch laptop,” with some innovative new battery and cooling technology to boot. The as-yet-unnamed notebook will come with the choice of a Core i3, i5 or i7 CPU that works in tandem...