Daily Archives: May 6, 2010

MiWi Jailbreak app

How To Tether The iPad To The iPhone


Are you regretting buying a WiFi only iPad, especially after seeing the iKit from Scosche?  Well, don’t.  If you’re willing to Jailbreak your iPhone you can tether your iPad wirelessly to that handset and take advantage of its 3G connection.  Best of all you won’t have to pay the extra...

i just made love

Did You Just Make Love? This App Wants To Know


At this point in the iPhone app game we’ve pretty much seen it all, right?  Wrong.  Checkout the “I just made love” app.  Once you’re done bumping uglies you can check in Four Square style.  But instead of reporting on what you just munched down on, drank, whatever, you can...

Belkin e-light for Kindle

Belkin Jumps On The Kindle Train, Intros Reading Light


The Kindle e-reader from Amazon is very practical when it comes to reading books.  It’s battery is magnificent and the screen, which uses the e-ink technology is easy on the eyes.  One problem, though: it can’t be used in the dark, unless of course you’ve got an external light source. ...

ipad gallery 6

Big Surprise: The iPad Is Killing The Netbook Craze


I’m filing this under “not very surprising” — It appears the netbook fad has already peaked, thanks to analytics from Fortune.com. To be precise, it was last summer, when the popular, affordable tiny notebooks had a 641% year-over-year growth rate. But ever since Apple announced its tablet in January, those...


Leaked Pic Shows Sprint HTC EVO To Begin Pre-Orders This Month


Here’s today’s spy news for you: an employee at The Shack (which is the weird rebranded name of the resurrected Radio Shack, in case you didn’t know) took a screenshot showing that pre-orders were starting soon for the hotly anticipated Sprint HTC EVO. In terms of specs, the EVO is...


ClamCase Converts Your iPad Into A Netbook


In the words of Seinfeld’s Kramer: whoa, momma!  The ClamCase is a three in one device that protects your iPad, adds a keyboard and stands it up right sans the grip of a pair of hands.  The keyboard connects over Bluetooth and the portion of the ClamCase that holds the...