Daily Archives: May 5, 2010

WOW ipad

WOW Teased On The iPad (video)


WOW, as in World Of WarCraft, fans may not have to wait too much longer to play a full blown version of the game on their iPads.  Unlike a traditional gaming experience, which usually requires software to be installed or played from a disc, gamers will open an application that...


HP Envy 14 And 17 Announced, Envy 13 Discontinued


HP’s Envy line of notebooks has had its share of fans and critics since its launch last year. They were stylish but expensive, seeking to bring Apple’s aluminum MacBook Pro design to PCs, but trackpad issues and the lack of a disc drive had some critics rolling. Now, HP is...


SanDisk’s Licensed Xbox 360 Thumb Drive Has Finally Arrived


Last month, Microsoft brought some long-awaited USB storage support to the Xbox 360 via a system update. At the time, SanDisk announced a licensed version of their ever popular USB thumb drives to coincide with the update. Well it’s been over a month later, but the Xbox 360 USB Flash...

Printable Solar Cells

Printable Solar Cells Revealed By MIT Researchers


How would you like to score some of those tax credits associated with the installation of solar panels on your home? I know I would. While I don’t think MIT’s printable solar cells will qualify any time soon, the convenience and accessibility should out weigh any monetary breaks from the...

medal Of Honor

Medal Of Honor Release Date Announced (video)


EA’s counter measure to the next Call Of Duty game, Medal of Honor, will launch in the US on October 12th and in the EU on October 15th.  Following this announcement EA posted a new trailer called “Leave A Message”.  Unfortunately, no actual game play is shown, which will leave...


Flying Camera Kit


The Aerial Capture concept involves a helium ballon, some fishing wire and a digital camera. From there I think you can put it together. But substitute the impractical helium balloon with a kite and now were talking. Sure, the pictures won’t be as steady, but you’ll never need a gas...

Atari Lamp

Atari Gaming Console Lamp (video)


Oh, what to do with that old Atari video game console.  Personally, I’d still play the crap out of it.  Sure, the gaming experience would only last for a few minutes, but it’s all about the nostalgia people.  But if playing retro video games isn’t your thing and you don’t...