Daily Archives: May 4, 2010

iPhone 4 beta 3 iPod dokc controls

iPhone OS 4 Beta 3 Reveals New iPod Dock Controls


iPhone OS 4 beta 3 emerged and then was quickly pulled.  No matter, Engadget has already got a hands on and discovered that you can now access app controls, such as the iPod’s play and track controls, right from the fave dock in addition to locking the screen.  They say...

Yamaha TSX-80

Yamaha TSX-80 Desktop Audio System Has Looks But Way Over Priced


Yamaha continues the long tradition of iPod docks with their TSX-80 Desktop Audio System. Two full range speakers and a 5.5cm subwoofer with “SR Bass technology” are packed within its small frame. And its IntelliAlarm system lets you wake up to your music that gradually gets louder the longer you...

Apple iPhone Patent

Apple Finally Gets Design Patent For iPhone 3G, 3GS


Hot on the heels of the leaked redesign for the iPhone 4G, Apple’s gotten a legal lock on the design of its predecessor. USPTO patent number D615083 protects Apple’s “ornamental design” for the 3G and 3Gs. Which means that the multitude of iPhone ripoffs, primarily the stuff Meizu puts out,...

Facade Printer

Facadeprinter Makes Huge Art Installations With Paintballs (video)


Finally, there’s more uses for paintballs than pegging your little brother when he isn’t looking. Three German inventors have designed the Facadeprinter, which they coined a “large-scale communication tool.” Here’s how it works: Users attach their project’s file via USB input and control the operation via touchscreen. A modified paintball...

Intel Lightpeak

Intel’s Blazing Fast Light Peak Technology Makes Its Hands-on Debut


If Intel has its way, we’ll soon be transferring pretty much anything digital with the power of light. The company recently showed off their Light Peak technology at a research showcase in Brussels, Belgium, and it’s looking mighty fast. Light Peak can transfer data bidirectionally at 10GB/sec using tech based...

scosche iKit

Scosche iKit iPad Car Mount Is All I Need (video)


I’m just dieing to get my iPad installed into my car.  We’ve seen a few custom vehicle docks from Soundman but until today (actually 4/30) nothing had materialized that was a turn key solution. The iKit from Scosche is a articulating mount designed to install into most double din dashboards. ...

Star Wars Clone Wars Boba Fett Helmet

Star Wars Day: Clone Wars Boba Fett Helmet


Today, May 4th, is Star Wars day, the day before Cinco De Mayo.  So it’s only fitting that we feature a piece of Star Wars gear…yet again.  The Star Wars Clone Wars Boba Fett Helmet will be arriving this August for $45 and has an articulated rangefinder (whatever that is)...