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Crowbar Bottle Opener


Now you can finally open a beer and smash someone in the face in the same motion!  Designed for the American Chopper crowd, comes this Crowbar Bottle Opener from ThinkGeek. Probably not something you want to give your ex-con buddy and we’re already told to drink responsibly, so I’m not...

Black Wii Console 2

Black Wii Console Launch Date And Price Confirmed


Just a few days ago we all but officially confirmed that the black Nintendo Wii would be hitting US shores.  Now Nintendo has issued an official press release that the dark console will be arriving May 9th to the tune of $199.99.  The bundle will include the Wii Remote controller,...


IKEA Solar Office Lamps

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While some people adamantly attest for their disdain towards IKEA products for whatever reason, I love them.  I’m always on a budget and still have IKEA stuff from almost 10 years ago.  New to their collection comes the SOLIG Solar Office Lamps. Provided they are in a well lit area...

Citizen Bluetooth Watches

Citizen Bluetooth Watches Are For Japanese Wrists Only


Citizen’s latest Bluetooth watches are both cool and frustrating.  Why the odd combo you ask?  Well, cool because you can control a wide variety of options on your phone right from your watch.  Frustrating because they’re only designed to work with a select set of phones from Japanese carrier Softbank....

RichardSolo1800 - 2

Richard Solo 1800 External Battery Review


With a million and one batteries to choose from, manufacturers and companies really have to go out of their way to throw something unique into the mix.  In the case of the Richard Solo 1800, it’s the LED flashlight and laser pointer.  Obviously not revolutionary in its own right, but...

Tmobile 3G iPad

3G iPad Is Carrier Unlocked (video)

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The 3G iPad officially shipped just before the weekend.  And for those of you that got one you can opt for one of two AT&T wireless plans with only a month-to-month commitment.  Not bad when you consider the shackles you’ll be placed in when buying an iPhone. But it turns...

Electrolux Shine

Electrolux SHINE Washing Machine Concept


If you live in Tokyo, New York City, Boston or San Francisco, heck even Los Angeles it probably means some sort of walk to the laundry machine, be it in building or to the local laundry mat.  To address this problem – oh and it’s a massive one, I assure...

self leveling tripod mount

Self Leveling Tripod Mount


Where there is laziness there is a product, or in our case a gadget.  The Acadalus is a self-leveling tripod mount.  Meaning you can forget about the bubble level and futzing with those tripod knobs.  Using a built-in inclinometer and a set of motors it automatically adjusts the camera’s position...