PS3 Portable

So the iPad is being touted as the ultimate portable gaming machine. Well, how about the PS3? Hori is attempting to make the Sony console portable…err, more portable, with their new LCD. The HP3-87 is an 11.6-inch, 1,366×768 resolution screen that attaches to your PS3, offering stereo speakers, two headphone jacks, and either composite or component input. The display offers a somewhat lackluster 500:1 contrast ratio, 200 nits brightness, and 7ms response time, but keep in mind, this thing is portable. The display is also compatible with¬† the Japanese-release Torne DTV adapter for TV on the go. Personally, I think God War 3 will be awesome on any screen.

The HP3-87 is available May 27 in Japan for ¬•26,040, or about $276 dollars. It’s import only..sorry, folks.

[via Playstationlifestyle]


Chris Gullo