Today, THQ has announced 3 new Star Wars games available now in the App Store for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and of course, a low-res version for the iPad.  Star Wars: Cantina, LightSaber Duels, and Yoda Soundboard are all brand new games that share the Star Wars license and will surely give you your intergalactic fix when you’re on the go.


Star Wars Cantina is basically a Diner Dash time management clone with a Star Wars skin and sells for $5.  The Yoda Sound Board contains 30 samples of your favorite green buddy for $1 and should come in handy anytime you need advice of the outer-worldy variety.

Lastly, LightSaber Duels is the sequel to the highly downloaded LightSaber Unleashed app and sells for $1 as well.  The app features bluetooth connectivity and is designed as a multiplayer game.  If you love soundboards, time management games, or lightsabers, check these apps out!


Jeff B