canine dog shower

Can you just see the look on this dog’s face?  Pure horror I’m sure!  This crazy expensive dog shower should give your local salon a run for it’s money.  Literally.  While you may have seen the dog washing machine at various public locations, you can now own one for only $1,250!!

Using 16 water-jet nozzles to create streams of thick water that will penetrate even the deepest of coats, the shower also features adjustable-flow showerhead has a 38″ hose for all those necessary reach-arounds. 

Even though there’s a shelf for elevating small dogs, I’m thinking that this will only work well with dogs of larger sizes as small ones will have a heart attack thinking they’re in an Indonesian typhoon.  The shower connects to a faucet and will hold dogs up to 200 pounds.  Damage!

The “stall” also has two locking casters to prevent forced break outs and weighs a total of 130 pounds.  Be your neighborhood dog washer and order this now.  Earn your money back in no time!

[via TheGreenHead]


Jeff B