Suma Mouse

Title got your attention, right? Well, this is even better: Cambridge Consultants’ Suma Mouse features a smart skin technology that recognizes a variety of multi-touch inputs across its surface.  Rotating, squeezing, pressing and yes, stroking, the mouse can all be viewed as inputs by the computer and translated to a variety of applications like Google Maps.

As you could guess, the innovative uses for something like this are high. And the company says that the technology can be used for all sorts of other devices, like game controllers. Just imagine twirling one of these around while jumping around in front of the screen with Natal and the Playstation Move. Now that’s exercise! The Suma is just a demo at this point, but hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on one of these soon.

Check out the (unembeddable) video in this link to see it in action.

[via ElectricPig]


Chris Gullo