PS3 Firmware

The PS3 Firmware debacle continues. Last week, we talked about the EULA that lets Sony do things like remove the “Other OS” option from your fat PS3 and get itself out of pesky lawsuits. This week’s new update, firmware version 3.30, is ostensibly just to add 3D support for 3D HDTVs. But it seems new parts of the updated EULA raise a lot of concerns with just how Sony wants you to use your console.

The version 1.4 EULA includes a line in which “services may be provided automatically without notice when you are online.” In other terms, you could be browsing the PSN while Sony downloads and installs a firmware update without your knowledge. And they’re completely allowed to do so. You can’t blame users for being a little aggravated, considering that one line lies within a 1,700 word document you usually view on your HDTV.

In the end, users would like a say in how the expensive electronic device they paid for works. Who would’ve thought?


Chris Gullo