I can hardly tell what’s going on in the picture above.  Apparently they’re new earphones from Sleek Audio, called the SA7′s.  The mold itself was harvested from a single block of aluminum and the outer shell is made from carbon fiber that are attached via titanium screws.  Christ Burgers.

Halfway between the input jack and the earphones is a user-adjustable VQ module to let you change up the bass and treble parameters, as well as your everyday track controls.  Beneath the terminator like exterior lies dual balanced armature transducers surrounded by silicone that are capable of withstanding 14,000 Gs of force.  Hear that Iceman?

Priced at $400, the Sa7′s will be compatible with the Kleer wireless system, which will need to be bought separately ($100).  Damage.  Hey, if you need some new earbuds for your F-15, the SA7′s may be exactly what you need.  No word on availability besides later this summer.


Jeff B