PS3 Linux

A couple weeks back, I wrote about the PS3 3.21 firmware update that removed the option to install Linux on the original “fat” PS3. Well, it seems some people were royally pissed about it, enough to demand refunds and threaten a class-action lawsuit. Sony claims that it has done nothing illegal in removing the feature.

One UK gamer stated that the update violated the Sale of Goods act, which basically means that a customer can sue if goods they bought no longer do their claimed purpose, like Linux capability. But Sony PR head David Wilson told that “the console packing and in-box manual…do not refer to the use of Linux on the console,” and that “the product’s design and specifications are subject to change without notice.” Basically, Sony’s EULA (End User License Agreement) lets them do whatever they want, as long as us gamers press accept whenever there’s an update. Which we almost always do.

So it looks like the PSN using gamers are still out of luck. That’s big business for you, folks.


Chris Gullo