Lego Augmented Reality Box

LEGOs take hours upon hours, sometime painstakingly, to build.  To help expedite the purchase process – you know, because it’s difficult to see how your erected masterpiece will look while standing in the toy store aisle – the Danish toy manufacturer is working with a company called metaio to roll out their augmented reality DIGITAL BOXES. So what does that mean to you?  Hold the LEGO box of your choosing up to the camera and monitor and you can watch a 3D animation of the product atop the box. Rotate the box and the animation follows accordingly, letting you peer inside or view the toy from a variety of angles.

We’re not entirely sure how the system knows what box your holding, but we assume you either scan the bar code or the system is advanced enough to recognize the art work on the box.

Unfortunately, LEGO has made no mention of a roll out schedule, but let us know if you find one in your local area.


After a very successful evaluation phase of the “DIGITAL BOX” in selected stores, the Danish toy manufacturer is working with metaio to roll out the AR boxes to all LEGO® brand stores worldwide.

MUNICH, GERMANY April 19th, 2010 – The LEGO Group is currently rolling out its augmented reality DIGITAL BOXES to all LEGO® Brand Retail Stores worldwide after a successful evaluation phase that started in November 2008. The innovative augmented reality technology inside the DIGITAL BOX was developed and constantly improved over the last months in a partnership with metaio.

Purchase decisions at the point of sale are mostly driven by the excitement of customers about a product. This certainly applies to the toy market. Ideally, customers want to hold the product in their hands and look at it closely from all angles. But for products like LEGO® sets, it can take hours of construction before you know what the toy really looks like. The LEGO DIGITAL BOX from the LEGO Group comes to the rescue. Children, big and small, can now hold LEGO® boxes up to the DIGITAL BOX and watch a 3D animation of the product – from all angles, in every detail – in their hands. This is made possible by metaio software, which fuses virtual 3D animations into a live video of the actual product packaging. The technology not only creates a fascinating technical experience, but also gives retailers a unique selling pitch while helping to inform interested buyers. After all, customers get to see exactly how much fun there is inside!

“The DIGITAL BOX helps consumers get a better impression of our products,” says Torben Nielsen, Director of 3D technology from the LEGO Group´s Digital Development Department, and adds: “we`ve had very positive feedback from our stores and customers. Thanks to metaio`s technology, we can excite and inform our customers on a new level.” The ongoing partnership between metaio – one of the industry leaders in augmented reality solutions – and one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world is a truly major milestone in the history of the company. Jan Schlink, corporate communications manager at metaio, comments: “Together with the LEGO Group, we have developed one of the most successful augmented reality systems worldwide. It`s impressive to see what AR can do for consumers and brands. There will be more to come in 2010, and we are proud to work as a pacemaker in this dynamic and innovative technology field.”

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