Google Dragonfly Rumor

Last month, rumors began to swirl that Google was working with Sony on bringing a custom version of their Android OS to both HDTVs and Blu-ray players/set-top boxes. The move, an attempt to unify Sony’s product line and bring ease of use to internet apps, would involve collaborations with Intel and Logitech on custom processors and keyboard/remotes. Its rumored codename? Dragonpoint.

HPTCs have become increasingly popular over the years thanks to open-source community projects like XBMC and the forthcoming Boxee Box. A unique Google OS tailored towards a living room web experience would probably be incredibly intuitive and make development of “living room apps” much more widespread. Even grandma has heard of Google — having her tweet from the couch could potentially get a lot easier, for better or worse.

Google’s response to the rumors so far has been an expected “no comment,” but an official announcement is expected May 19th or 20th. Time to get excited.


Chris Gullo