Iphone OS 4

Reports are trickling in that iPhone OS 4.0 is bringing multitasking to the touchscreen handset.  Yup, this is what we predicted, as did many other sites.  Does it get any better?  You bet.  They’ve managed to do all this without impacting battery life or performance.  When the OS update launches (date unknown) you’ll be able to run VoIP apps, audio apps, GPS, social networking and a few others in the background.

Update: Another biggy is consolidated mailboxes in addition to multitasking folders for apps, iBooks compatibility and new ads that Apple sells but keeps you in the app (blah).  So when can we expect iPhone OS 4.0?  This summer and it’s coming to the iPad as well.

Update 2: Hit the read link for the official run down

Stay tuned as well have more in the coming 30 minutes.


Christen Costa

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