iPad Car

Good lord!  It was just last night that I was wondering how I could mount my iPad in my car to turn it my vehicle’s source of audio.  I was thinking mount, though, not full in dash installation like Doug the Soundman has done inside a Toyota Tacoma pick up truck.  Too bad my VW GTI’s small dash doesn’t even have enough room for the 10-inch iPad…or does it. Maybe I should pay a visit to Doug, after all he is in Santa Clarita, CA.

Installation wise they not only used the iPad, but an Audison Bit One processor, a McIntosh six-channel amplifier and an Onkyo ND-S1, all of which provide enhanced sound out of the iPad. They’re waiting on a special dock connector that allows for optical out of the tablet device – that should provide even more qual’ sound.

After the ‘leap’ there is a video walk through of the installation. 


Christen Costa

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