Gaming in itself should start moving iPads off the shelves.  Capcom is bringing a new iPad specific version of Resident Evil 4 to the App Store sometime soon.  Brandishing a higher resolution and some other new gameplay and mode features, if this is the present of iPad gaming, I’m pretty excited for the future.  I expect the game to cost $15 but I can’t make mention to exact availability.

  • High-resolution graphics optimized for the iPad’s larger display.
  • “Visual Pad” control system makes gameplay a fluid and intuitive experience. Players can engage in running gun fights against crowds of enemies, climb ladders, equip binoculars and jump out windows.
  • 3rd person perspective camera for a panoramic view of the action.
  • Shake the iPad to reload.
  • Play through “Story Mode” to unlock ”Mercenary Mode”, a separate game mode with pre-set goals, weapons and conditions.
  • “Coin Shoot” shooting gallery mode where the where the goal is to destroy as many blue coins as possible within the time limit.
  • A total of five difficulty levels: “Beginner”, ”Normal”, ”Professional”, ”Hell” and “Extreme”


Jeff B