OK check it out.  I did this today and it totally works!  First things first, you have got to go to EA site and create a profile and register BC2.  Anybody that’s registered for Veteran status will have already done this.  After that:
1. Go to and create a new Dr.Pepper account. It can be fake EVERYTHING.

2. Enter one of the Universal Codes listed.


3. Right click the claim now button and click copy link

4. Put link into your browser.

5. Change the =3 at the end of the bar to =4. Hit enter.

6. Log into your real EA account and choose BFBC2

7. Choose which class you want a new kit for.

8. Log out

Repeat 1-8 (make another fake account) until you have all four.  The part I tended to forget was the link adjustment so remember to be aware of that part.  The kit upgrades give you a different version of an already existing weapon as well as a new character skin for each class in addition to some corresponding pins.  Hit me up with any comments or if you need help with this.

Jeff B