Geo X2 EyeFi

Eye-Fi’s Geo X2 is a cool new SDHC camera card that has some definite hipster cred by only being available at Apple Store and at After you take a shot or record a video, the 4GB card uploads them wirelessly to online sites like Flick, Picasa, and Facebook thanks to the Eye-Fi hotspot service.

In addition, the device utilizes a technology called Endless Memory that automatically deletes photos and videos that have been successfully uploaded online, keeping the device always with free storage. It also supports an intuitive geotagging feature that works with iPhoto’s “Places”, so you painlessly know where a photo was taken. If you take a lot of photos on the go, it sounds like the X2 truly kills the “memory” and “uploading hassle” birds with one stone.

The GeoX2 is available in May for $69.99.


Chris Gullo